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Mobile Taxi Association of Kenya

Mobile Taxi Association of Kenya (MTAK) is a government registered non-profit national organisation representing stakeholders in the taxi industry. MTAK is working hard to safeguard the economic viability of its members, the entire Kenya taxi industry and the livelihood of thousands of drivers and their families, while continuously improving safety and customer service.

One of the goals of MTAK is to ensure that all its members are fully licensed, operate well-inspected vehicles, have full insurance coverage, provide reliable service and get training in all aspects of customer service in their job as taxi drivers.

Who We Are

Vision and Mission

We work with our members across Kenya to:

We work with our members across Kenya to:

Who we Represent

Taxi Owners and Drivers

TukTuk Drivers and Owners

BodaBoda Owners and Drivers

Our Objectives

Our Benifites


MTAK works to advance the interests of the taxi industry and supports its valued members.

Benefits of MTAK membership include:


MTAK provides a strong and united voice, lobbying on behalf of members to all levels of government (county and national).

MTAK represents members in its dealings with the media, police, external stakeholders, and the general public. MTAK also communicates with other industry bodies that represent taxi drivers.

Access to information

A key focus is to ensure we keep members up-to-date with the latest news and information affecting the taxi industry by producing monthly industry newsletters, member bulletins, region meetings and industry events.


Members have the opportunity to actively participate in MTAK meetings and forums to discuss issues and devise strategies for improving services and advocacy strategies. Members are also invited to the Annual General Meeting.

By becoming a member of the MTAK you can help ensure that the Kenyan taxi industry has a strong and united voice on industry issues.


MTAK promotes the interests of the taxi industry by providing proactive leadership on important issues, whilst striving to build a positive community profile for the industry.

Our Agenda

Competition Policy (CP)

MTAK continues to promote the public benefits delivered by well regulated, personalised transport markets. We believe that prudent regulation of markets has been shown by research to consistently outperform under-regulation on the important metrics of safety, pricing and service. MTAK contends that Governments should maintain regulatory interventions that are appropriate, effective and efficient. Governments have a responsibility to avoid regulatory distortion and ensure their interventions do not intentionally, or unintentionally, operate to the advantage of one competitor (or their particular business model) and the disadvantage of others. MTAK accordingly advocates for a level playing field where the “same market access rules” apply to all providers of the “same service” in a market.

Environmentally Sustainable Transport

MTAK is committed to promoting “clean and green” taxi services that provide a sustainable alternative to private motor vehicle travel. Through the use of low emission, environmentally friendly fuels (e.g. LPG) and hybrid petrol or LPG electric technologies, taxi services make a significant contribution to the public transport system and its capacity to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in Kenyan cities. As suitable fully electric vehicles become available in Kenya, MTAK expects to play an active role in promoting their use in the delivery of taxi services.

Accessible Taxi Services

MTAK promotes a viable and important role for taxi services to contribute to the accessibility of Kenya’s public transport system. Working with industry members, NTSA and other stakeholders, we advocate responsible compliance with the transport rules and regulation in Kenya.

Dispute Resolution

MTAK supports design standards that protect safety, promote flexibility, and facilitate improved delivery of taxi services.

Government Lobbying

MTAK provides personal briefings to Senators and Members of Parliament to ensure they are well equipped to understand the importance of the Kenyan Taxi Services Industry and MTAK’s position on matters of national significance. In particular, the briefings include a focus on the contribution made to the community and economy by a viable and strong taxi services industry.

Industry Best Practice

MTAK encourages best practice through sponsoring research, and the sharing of information and experience between members and affiliates. As an adjunct to this role, we support the development and implementation of national standards where appropriate (e.g. medical, traffic and criminal history checks for personalised transport drivers).

Road Safety

MTAK seeks changes to the road safety that facilitate the improved delivery of taxi services, particularly in CBD locations. As a case in point, we advocate that taxis authorised to provide hail and rank services should be allowed to pick-up (and set-down) passengers without restriction wherever safe to do so.

Taxi Conferences

MTAK convenes annual conferences that provide important forums for networking, discussion and learning as well as the opportunity for suppliers to showcase leading edge technologies and innovations.

Taxation Issues

MTAK performs an ongoing liaison role with Kenya Reveue Authority (KRA) on taxation issues. We provide expert advice to the Kenya Revenue Authority for its calibration of industry benchmarks for drivers and operators.


How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MTAK, please complete the below form and our admin team will get back to you.

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